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Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Gaston Branch Library were formed in 1990 as a support group for the library. We have been very active since.

Through bake sales, book sales, and various fundraisers, we are able to provide the library with the different materials they need. They...
Are kept informed of the library's plans, progress, and problems
Recognize that they do not perform policy-making role for the library but know that their opinions are valued by the trustees
Serve as "connecting links" between the library and the community, interpreting one to the other
Supply necessary volunteers to administer their organization and carry out their projects
Decide how to allocate their money after conferring with the library administration and the library board
Use their influence, individually and collectively, to help the library obtain desired financial support, representing the library point of view to legislators and the media

Who are the Friends?

Friends are citizens who value the service of libraries and volunteer to help them. Friends usually operate with a self-elected board of directors, representing the community. They volunteer their time, energy, ideas and financial support.

Friends in South Carolina

All 46 counties in South Carolina are served by a free public library system. There are more than 40 friends groups in South Carolina libraries, which represent individuals, local Friends groups, and institutions. The Friends of the Gaston Branch Library was established to foster closer relationships between the Library and the local community.

Who benefits from Friends?

Friends promote the use and awareness of libraries by sponsoring book sales and membership drives. This raises money for books, special programs, and equipment. Everyone who enjoys the Gaston Branch Library benefits in some way from the work of the Friends of the Library. As Volunteers and Friends of the Library Members, they get the satisfaction of coming together to help improve their local area.

The Friends need you

The Friends of the Gaston Branch Library need your time, your energy, and your ideas. We also need your financial support. You can become a member for as little as $5. You can serve as a volunteer for free. With your involvement, we can create new programs and new opportunity for all of the area's citizens.

Become one of our Library's good Friends and together we can build a stronger future for our community. .

Current Officers:

Ron Ritter, President
Vivian Ritter, Secretary/Treasurer

How do I become a Friend?

To become a Friend of the Gaston Branch Library, fill out the form completely with your information. Tell us what type of membership you desire (with payment) or act as a volunteer and help us with what skills or knowledge you have. Mail it to the address on the bottom or drop it off at the Gaston Branch Library. That is all it takes to get started as a Friend of the Gaston Branch Library. Call the Gaston Branch Library at 791-3397 for more information.

Download Our Friends Membership Form


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