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Friends of the Library

The friends of the Chapin Library are a group of supporters working to increase and enhance library resources, services and programs. The organization sponsors many library programs.

Friends of the Chapin Branch Library have supplemented library services and materials in recent years by purchasing items such as these:

Children's books
Prizes for children participating in the Summer Reading Program
Refreshments for the Annual Christmas Tree Trimming Party; the Weekly Summer Reading Programs; the 50th Anniversary of the Chapin Branch Library; Holiday Specials; Dedication Ceremonies; etc.
Membership dues for the Chapin Chamber of Commerce
Special supplies for the Children's Programs: Bookmarks, posters, flags, stuffed animals, puzzles, decorated plastic book bags, stickers, etc.
Prizes books for contests: The Chapin Middle School Golden Eagle Club and Library Contests.
Wooden Park Bench for the Library Grounds
Gifts to recognize Library Volunteers
Programs sponsored entirely or in part by the Friends of Chapin Branch Library
Annual book sale of books donated by the Chapin community. Book Sale occurs on Labor Day at the Chapin Labor Day Festival. All proceeds of the Book Sale go for programs, equipment, and materials for the Chapin Branch Library.
Summer reading program: prizes, refreshments, supplies, etc.
The Friends have coordinated with the Chapin Garden Club, and the Boy and Cub Scouts to install benches, buy and plant shrubs and flowers, and design and create a nature trail on the property.

Membership is based on willingness to give time and materials to the Library or to the Book Sale.

Current Officers:
Ms. Dana Tharp
221 Shady Acres Dr.
Chapin, SC 29036

Ms. Monica Lewis
632 Sandbar Road
Chapin, SC 29036


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