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Powerful Employment Search functionality with multi-faceted job search options including internships, apprenticeships, and entry-level positions with job-tracking capability Guided resume and cover letter creation plus a Tips & Advice section that is useful throughout the career planning and employment preparation process Interview preparation tool with two-track interview simulation that helps users prepare for common interview situations using the proven STAR method: Situation, Task, Action, and Result

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Coverage for a wide range of topics, including adult education, continuing education, distance education, instructional media, multicultural/ethnic education, preschool education, secondary education, teaching methods and much more.

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Comprehensive collection of test-preparation tools, skill-building materials, and other career and life skills resources


Ahead of the Curve: What Parents Need to Know to Get Their Kids Into College , 2014

This book offers parents a comprehensive and fun guide to help them prepare their high school students for college. In-depth descriptions of available resources for those getting ready for college and checklists of tasks to perform, questions to ask, and tests to take so that students can keep track of application requirements are also included.

American Industry and Careers, Survey of Industry and Careers

Provides in-depth overviews of 112 core North American industries and related jobs and careers.

The Boarding School Survival Guide , 2014

This book is a guide to the boarding school experience, from selection through life at such an institution, and beyond. It includes anecdotal advice and useful tips about the many aspects of boarding school life from current and recently graduated students.

Careers and Occupations: Looking to the Future , 2017

Examines various trends in careers and occupations in America. Provides the latest information on what Americans do for a living, how much they earn, how they find work, and what factors influence these key issues.

Careers in Communications & Media

Careers in Communications & Media comprises twenty-five lengthy chapters on a broad range of branches and divisions with these industry segments, including traditional and long-established fields such as Advertising Director and Journalist, as well as in-demand and cutting-edge fields such as Software Developer, Web Developer and Animator.

Careers in Healthcare

This title examines 22 branches or fields of study in healthcare and allied health such as: Nursing, Dental Hygiene, Nuclear Medicine, Physical Therapy, Radiation Therapy, Speech Pathology, Respiratory Therapy, Athletic Training, Healthcare Information Management and more.

College Blue Book , 46th ed., 6v, 2019

Guide to thousands of 2- and 4-year schools in the U.S. and Canada. Covers the expected listings and detailed descriptions, degree programs offered, scholarships, and occupational education programs.

Education in America , 2018

Areas covered include an overview of American education; primary, elementary, and secondary schools; public versus private schooling; special education; education of gifted children; testing and achievement of students; national education goals; and "at-risk" students. Discusses colleges and universities; issues such as home schooling, school choice, and vouchers; trends in teacher supply and demand; and public opinions about education.

egghead's Guide to Algebra , 2013

This book covers basic algebra topics that are essential for success on high school and college algebra tests. Topics include limits & continuity, derivatives & their applications, and integrals.

egghead's Guide to Calculus , 2015

This book covers basic calculus topics that are essential for success on high school and college calculus tests. Topics include limits & continuity, derivatives & their applications, and integrals.

egghead's Guide to Geometry , 2013

This title covers the fundamental concepts of geometry and helps students strengthen their math skills through narrative cartoons and graphics and study tips and exercises and improve their knowledge of geometry for standardized tests.

egghead's Guide to Vocabulary , 2013

This book provides helpful tips, fun exercises, and humorous illustrations to help the visual learner achieve word success and boost their vocabulary to improve their score on standardized tests.

Employment , 2015

This book guides the reader in gaining job skills, seeking work, interviewing, negotiating salaries and benefits, and thriving in the workplace. It also offers information that applies to all job seekers, as well as guidance for first-time job applicants and workers returning to the workforce after an absence.

Making Your Major Decision , 2013

This book explores various personality types and helps determine which college majors are best for each. It covers hundreds of college majors and careers best fit with each personality and shares how insights from the Myers-Briggs(r) assessment, the world's most widely used personality tool, can help to succeed in college and life.

Master the ASVAB , 5th ed., 2014

This book provides information on how to successfully pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test. Extensive subject matter reviews, practice tests, study tips and strategies, and comprehensive information about military occupations are included.

Master the Catholic High School Entrance Exams 2016-2017 , 21th ed., 2015

This guide is designed to help students prepare for and take the most commonly used Catholic high school entrance exams. In addition to helping to develop test-taking skills, it also provides descriptions and examples of each entrance exam with six full-length practice tests: two New York City Tests for Admission into Catholic High Schools (TACHS), two Cooperative Entrance Exams (COOPs), and two High School Placement Tests (HSPTs).

Master the GMAT ® , 22nd ed., 2015

Provides an intensive review of every type of question on the GMAT, shares nine full-length practice tests including three on the accompanying CD, and includes guidelines for writing essays and personal statements.

Master the GRE ® 23rd ed. , 2015

This book is a guide to studying for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) which tests both verbal and quantitative reasoning skills in preparation for post-graduate studies.

Master the HiSET Exam , 2015

Offers test-taking tips, diagnostic tests, review, and practice exams with answers and detailed explanations for all portions of the HiSET exam.

Master the New SAT ® 2016 ed., 2016

This book provides test-taking strategies and skill-building exercises to prepare for the Redesigned SAT exam. It includes subject reviews for the Reading, Writing and Language, Math-No Calculator, and Math-Calculator test sections of the SAT and full-length Diagnostic Test and full-length practice tests.

Master the SSAT ® & ISEE ® , 9th ed., 2014

This guide prepares students and their parents for the SSAT and the ISEE. Students have access to test taking strategies for each of the question types, four practice tests, and exam day advice.

MOOCs Now: Everything You Need to Know to Design, Set Up, and Run a Massive Open Online Course 2017

This book explores MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from the perspective of veteran librarians, offering guidance to those considering offering MOOCs. It identifies pitfalls to avoid and outcomes to pursue with this trend in online learning, presents the pros and cons in considering a MOOC, and addresses various costs of offering a MOOC (personnel, licensing, software), the challenges of copyright and the administration required, and what the librarian's role should be.

Peterson's ® Four-Year Colleges 2018 ed. , 48th ed., 2017

This guide includes detailed profiles submitted by more than 2,000 accredited institutions in the United States and Canada that grant baccalaureate degrees, provide guidance on selecting the right school, getting in and financial aid.

Peterson's ® Graduate & Professional Programs , 49th ed., 6v, 2014

This directory contains university/college profiles that offer valuable information on graduate and professional degrees and certificates, enrollment figures, tuition, financial support, housing, faculty, research affiliations, library facilities, and contact information. It enables students to explore program listings by field and by institution. In-depth descriptions, written by administrators at featured institutions, give complete details on the graduate study available.

Peterson's ® How to Get Money for College 2016 ed., 33 ed., 2015

This book provides readers with complete and accurate information on need-based and non-need gift aid, loans, work-study, athletic awards, and other financial aid from colleges and universities that can be used to supplement federal financial aid packages.

Peterson's ® Master the Case Worker Exam , 14th ed., 2010

Offers test-taking tips, diagnostic tests, review, and practice exams with answers and detailed explanations for all portions of the Case Worker exam.

Peterson's ® Master the GED ® Test , 28th ed., 2014

This guide offers test-prep strategies and review material for the high school equivalency diploma test, including essential information on the new computer-based GED Test questions. Included are 5 full-length practice tests with answer explanations and a Word List to help improve GED Test vocabulary. Readers will learn valuable details on the 2014 GED Test structure, scoring, and passing requirements, as well as how to prepare for the exam and what to expect on test day.

Peterson's ® Master the Police Officer Exam , 2015

This guide covers the requirements of becoming a police officer. It offers up-to-date information on eligibility requirements, the screening procedure, and other essential details of the application process.

Peterson's ® Master the Public Safety Dispatcher/911 Operator Exam 2015 ed.

Offers test-taking tips, diagnostic tests, review, and practice exams with answers and detailed explanations for all portions of the Emergency Dispatcher/911 Operator Exam.

Peterson's ® Nursing Programs 2016 ed. , 21st ed. , 2015

This book is a comprehensive and concise guide to baccalaureate and graduate nursing education programs in the United States and Canada.

Peterson's ® Private Secondary Schools 2015-2016 ed. , 2015

This resource allows students and parents to compare and select from more than 1,000 schools in the U.S. and Canada, and around the world. Schools featured include independent day schools, special needs schools, and boarding schools (including junior boarding schools for middle-school students).

Peterson's ® Scholarships, Grants & Prizes 2018 ed., 22nd ed. 2017

This book provides information to make financing a college education as seamless as possible, covering award programs and resources providing financial awards to undergraduates in the 2014-15 academic year. Foundations, fraternal and ethnic organizations, community service clubs, churches and religious groups, philanthropies, companies and industry groups, labor unions and public employees' associations, veterans' groups and trusts and bequests are among the sources covered.

Peterson's ® Two-Year Colleges 2018 ed. , 48th ed., 2017

This comprehensive guide features some 2,000 accredited two-year colleges as well as some international schools. Detailed profiles give students a complete picture of their choices and describe academic majors, standardized testing requirements, and more.

Scholarships, Fellowships & Loans , 34th ed., 3v, 2017

Provides comprehensive information on sources of education-related financial aid sponsored and administered by private organizations and companies.

Teen's Guide to College and Career Planning , 12th ed., 2016

This guide enables high school students to make important decisions involving life after graduation. Includes advice from guidance counselors, instructors, college admission officials, military officers, and other high school students, as well as tips for interviews, resumes, and cover letters.

Writing Successful College Applications: It's More than Just the Essay , 2014

This book offers vital tips and step-by-step expert advice to help students create outstanding essays to succeed in all aspects of their college applications, with tips and insights to guide them through the writing process. It includes sample personal statements from successful students plus information on how to write strong activity and academic paragraphs as well as the "Why This School" paragraph-essential pieces of college applications that should not be overlooked.

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