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More than 600,000 biographies of people from around the world and throughout history.

Literature Criticism Online

The largest curated online collection of literary criticism in the world, this resource brings together 10 acclaimed multidisciplinary series representing a range of modern and historical views on authors and their works across regions, eras and genres.

Something about the Author

An easy-to-use source for librarians, students and other researchers, each volume of this series provides illustrated biographical articles on approximately 70 children's authors and artists. Entries cover: personal life, career, writings and works in progress, adaptations, additional sources and photographs.


American Men & Women of Science , 2013

Profiles living persons in the physical and biological fields, as well as public health scientists, engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, and computer scientists.

Business Leader Profiles for Students , 2v, 1999

Profiles of significant contributors to business and industry, past and present, written especially for high school students.

Complete Dictionary of Scientific Biography , 27v, 2008

Provides information on the history of science through articles on the professional lives of scientists from all periods of science from classical antiquity to modern times are represented.

Computer Technology Innovators, 2013

Computer Technology Innovators examines over 120 individuals and personalities who had an innovative and influential impact on the development and evolution of the Internet, with an emphasis on early pioneers, such as inventors and engineers, and influential founders and executives of computer companies.

Encyclopedia of World Biography , 2nd ed., 23v, 2004, with supplements

A multicultural biographical source that covers notable individuals from every part of the world and from all time periods who have made significant contributions to human culture.

Great Lives from History

Worldwide coverage of important men and women in all areas of achievement who flourished in the ancient world through the twentieth century plus inventors, scientists and the notorious.

Internet innovators , 2013

Biographies of over 120 individuals who had an innovative and influential impact on the development and evolution of the Internet, with an emphasis on Dot Com founders and leaders.

Scientists and Inventors of the Renaissance , 2013

Scientists and inventors made astonishing breakthroughs in astronomy, medicine, physics, and more. Readers examine the scientific revolution, profiling Isaac Newton, Nicolaus Copernicus, Galileo, and many other great thinkers who transformed the scientific and mechanical worlds.

Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives , 8v to date, 1998-

Presents original scholarly biographies of notable Americans. Profiles careers and achievements as well as biographical data including family members; educational background; names of spouses and marriage and divorce dates; addresses of residences; and cause of death and place of burial.

Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives, Thematic Series: Sports Figures, 2002

A two-volume biographical resource for professional sports figures. Presents over 600 entries covering a who's who of American sports, including athletes, coaches, owners, and media personalities. Each entry provides a brief introduction, photo, detailed biography, career highlights, and a bibliography. For general readers.

Scribner Encyclopedia of American Lives, Thematic Series: The 1960s, 2003

A two-volume biographical resource for key individuals of the 1960s. Presents 500 entries describing Americans who defined the decade, including politicians, athletes, entertainers, and artists, among many others. The alphabetically arranged entries focus on the individual's activities during the 1960s and include photos and bibliogrphies. For students and general readers.

World Monarchies and Dynasties , 2005

Nearly 1,000 articles, supported by an extensive collection of photos, maps, lists, sidebars, and other materials, provide a complete survey of major monarchies, ruling families, kingdoms, and empires around the world, past and present.

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