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The Lexington Dispatch was founded on September 17, 1870 by Godfrey M. Harman, who served as editor for its entire history. On March 7, 1917, it merged with The Lexington News (which was published from May 26, 1915 to February 28, 1917) to form the Lexington Dispatch-News. The newspaper facility burned on April 25, 1894 and again on March 27, 1916. In October, 1992, The Lexington County Chronicle was published October 7, 1992 to March 29, 2001. The Lexington County Chronicle and the Lexington Dispatch News combined into one publication on April 5, 2001.

Much of the first two decades of the paper no longer exists or was in poor condition when microfilmed. Between 1914 and 1917, records for both Lexington Dispatch and the Lexington News are again sketchy with many issues/months missing.

In the Batesburg-Leesville area, The Batesburg-Leesville News was published by William N. Oxner beginning on October 1921. The Southern Headlight was established March 1924 by W. L. Spinks and was renamed The Summerland Headlight in April 1924. The Summerland Headlight was continued by Twin-City News in May of 1925 by Will W. Bruner. All Batesburg-Leesville microfilm are housed at the Batesburg-Leesville Branch Library and may be borrowed for patrons wishing to use them at Lexington Main Library. Current obituaries are available at Twin-City News »

In 1955, the Columbia Suburban News [Five Points] became the West Columbia-Cayce Journal (1955-1960), but the title soon shortened to The Journal. During its last year of publication it was known as The Lexington County journal. It was issued weekly except for 1973-1977 when semi-weekly. Holdings September 1, 1955 through March 9, 1988.

Obituary Source Code:

BLN = Batesburg-Leesville News
LD = Lexington Dispatch
LN = Lexington News
LD/LN = records in both publications on the same date
LDN = Lexington Dispatch-News
LCC = Lexington County Chronicle
LCCDN = Lexington County Chronicle and The Dispatch-News
SoH = Southern Headlight
SuH = Summerland Headlight
TCN = Twin City News
WCJ = West Columbia Journal

Because the early years' information is relatively sparse, data is drawn from titled Obituaries, In Memoriam notices, and Death articles from available microfilm and compared with the extracts done by L.H. Buff, Jr. for the Lexington Genealogical Exchange.** In many records, the day of the week is noted rather than an actual date. **The Lexington Genealogical Exchange has abstracted genealogical information from early Lexington County newspapers. These volumes can be found in the Lexington Main Library South Carolina Room at SC REF 929.3 LEX.

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