Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions about the library

How do I get a library card?

Library cards are free to Lexington County residents and property owners.

To register for a library card, please visit any branch and complete an application form. You will need identification and proof of residency. You may also register online. Non-resident property owners must provide a current property tax receipt. Non residents who do not own property in Lexington County may obtain a library card for a yearly fee.

How long may I keep materials I have checked out?

Adult Books: 2 weeks, two renewals.
Children's Books: 2 weeks, two renewals.
Audio Books: 2 weeks, two renewals.
Magazines: 7 days, one renewal.
Videos/DVDs: 7 days, two renewals.
A maximum of 50 items may be checked out on a patron's card at any one time.

How do I renew my materials?

Materials may be renewed in person, by phone, or by accessing your account online. Materials which have a hold or which have exceeded the renewal limit may not be renewed. To ensure privacy, you will need to provide your library card number or your driver's license number when renewing over the phone.

How do I check my account?

You may access your account online. You may also call or visit to check the status of your account and due dates for materials.

What is my password?
Your password is chosen when you apply for a library card. If you did not specify a password on your application, the default is set to the last four digits of your phone number.

If I can't access my account online, what should I do?
Your password may be changed by visiting any Lexington County Public Library branch.

May I return my items to any library?

Yes, you may return materials to any branch of the Lexington County Public Library System. View our list of locations.

What are the fees for late returns or lost items?

Books, magazines, and audio books: $.20 per day, maximum $6.00 per item.
Interlibrary Loans: $.50 per day, maximum $20.00 per item.
Videos/DVDs: $.75 per day, maximum $7.50 per item.

Patrons who owe $5.00 or more in fines or have material more than 6 weeks overdue may lose privileges until the fine is paid or the material returned. Unresolved accounts with balances of $25 or more will be turned over to a collection agency and charged a $10 fee. Persons who lose materials are expected to pay replacement costs.

How do I pay my fines and fees?

We accept payment in person by cash or check. We do not accept debit or credit card payments at this time.

I lost my card; may I get a new one?

Yes, there is a $2.00 fee to replace a library card.

Does the library offer Wireless access?

Open access wifi is available at all library branches.

How can I use the library's computers?

Patrons with accounts in good standing may have up to three one-hour sessions per day. The card being used for Internet access must not have fines or fees above $5.00. All users must follow the Library's Internet Access Policy. All removable devices must be scanned for viruses by Library staff prior to their use.Those without a valid library card who want to use the Internet are encouraged to get a card.  If they do not wish to get a card, they may use the computers as a "Guest" and are allowed a one hour session per day. Staff may ask for ID of persons without library cards to verify if he/she is 18 years old or older.

A parent or legal guardian, through signature, is responsible for the Internet use of children under the age of 18.

To assure parental guidance in children's use of the Internet in the Library:

  • To access the Internet, children 12 years old and under must be accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, adult family member over 18, or authorized teacher who has signed the Internet Use Agreement and remains with the child at the computer during the entire time the child is online.
  • Children 13 through 17 may access the Internet on their own.  Their parent or legal guardian must have signed the Internet Use Agreement allowing them access. Children who arrive at the Library without a card may have their Internet use permission verified in the patron database.  They must show proper ID.
  • If computers are shared by two or more children aged 13 through 17 without a parent or legal guardian present, all users must meet one of the following criteria:
    • They must have their own library card and have had a parent or legal guardian sign an Internet Use Agreement giving them permission to use the Internet.
    • They must use a card of a parent, legal guardian, or adult family member 18 years old or older.  Their parent or legal guardian must have given them signed permission on the Internet Use Agreement.
Can I make copies or print pages?

Yes, copies are available at $.25 per page. Black and white prints from computers are $.25 per page. Color prints from computers are $1.00 per page. Print jobs may be sent to one of our 3 largest branches for release and pickup using our mobile print service.

Can I send or receive faxes at the library?

You may send faxes at the cost of $1.00 per page. Faxes for the public can not be received through the library's fax system.

Who may use the library's meeting rooms?

The meeting rooms are available for local groups or organizations (both non-profit and commercial) to hold educational, cultural, intellectual, or civic activities. These meetings must be held as public meetings. Groups may use the meeting rooms for their own internal purposes such as staff training, planning sessions, or business meetings. The conference rooms in larger libraries or the meeting rooms in smaller libraries may be used for educational activities such as small group study or free tutoring subject to the availability of the room.

How do I reserve a meeting room?

Reservations must be made in person or by telephone at the branch where the meeting is to be held. Reservations may not be made more than 90 days in advance. The person reserving the meeting room must be at least 18 years of age and must attend the meeting. A group must complete an application form to use the meeting room. This application is required to confirm any reservation request. The form will be valid for one year and will be filed at the library.

There is no fee to use the meeting rooms, but a deposit of $100.00 (checks only) must be paid to ensure that the rooms are cleaned up and the key (if provided) is returned. The deposit will be refunded when the Checklist and key are returned and library staff verify that the room and equipment are in good order.

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